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Some misunderstand that the affectionate relationship between the two countries started from when Turkey soldiers came to the Korean peninsula to fight for South Korea in the Korean War in 1950 but the brotherhood between the two had started far long before the war^^

As you know Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia But actually They came from asia to Mesopotamia. And ıt is well proven, Sumerians are Turk's ancestors. And also sumerians's is ancestor of some other asians (korean).It's mean actually Turks are asian people we are not europen people and we are relative with Korean and other some asians. Our ancestor came from asia to anatolia....

And other point...our language family is Altai...Look at thıs picture! All of green area is altaic language user. It's mean about relative between green asia area.why do all of us use same language family altaitic. ıt's sign of relative:)

  The Altaic peoples are a family of many races spreading from East to West. They are a melting pot of faces, history, and cultures. Their looks differ, depending on where they live.

  And Asian powe liver !The Göktürks were the first Turkic people to officially call themselves Turks. Gök both means sky and blue in the Göktürks language (Köktürk). It is most likely Göktürk means Blue Turks but another suggestion is Celestial Turks.
  Four hundred years after the collapse of northern Xiongnu power in Inner Asia, leadership of the Turks was taken over by the Göktürks after rebelling against the Turkic Altaic nomadic Juan-Juan Rouran Empire. Their leader Bumin Khan of the Ashina clan found a large empire.
  It is certificate of evidence Turkısh came from asia and relative with asian people.

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