2 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba


Today, it became 1 month 2 day that i came back from South Korea. The time is going on fastly. It is like yesterday. Every moment i am trying to check my mind , my memories. Was it kind of dream such as i have every night when i close my eyes??? Or real? I am trying to freshen up my memories everyday because of to make myself believe this is not a dream!

It was my first overseas travel.First travel to my dream country! Last year that time, It was only a dream, really far away from me!And almost one year later, Suddenly it came true and i went to Korea. It was suprised for me. Even, When i take plane, i couldnt believe that i was going to Korea. When i arrive to incheon, when i see ‘’Welcome to Korea’’, When i was in my fisrt day, i had never believed that my dream came true… Finally second or third day i started to believe it was real… Yes ı was in KOREA!!! I waited too long time for my dream…. Everyday I prayed to God, I cried too much… That is why God gave me that gift suddenly! Because i believed with all heart that i will go there one day! Believe yourself,your dream, and trust God…It was my secret…
25 day in korea… It was like one year that i live,when i was staying there.But when i arrived here It was like one day, finished fastly…It was the best days of my life that i spent in Korea. Kind of princess story in part of my life…I wake up… until last minute , I waited for a miracle… I didnt want to come back to Turkey.I cried when i was leaving from Korea like it is my real country. Everybody looked to me and guessed why i was crying… I was a turkısh girl and i was going to back my country… What was interesting? Why am i crying??? They were questions on people’s eyes when they were looking to me… They never could know why i was crying.
Yes! Why !!! why did i cry too much? Still why am I crying? Why am I missing there too much? Why do I wanna live there? It is not my real country … Why why why… I had many questons in my mind like that. But i thought too much! No reason… It is my fate! I just have to go back…
Now in Turkey it gaves me pain, it hurts me everyday. What kind of person can think about korea every moment??? Yes i can! Some times i think i am getting crazy.I must calm dowm, make Money, and go back~~God will send me a new chance and i will go back to live there!!!! U know ıf ı stay here ı can have a good carrier coz ı am englısh turkısh translator, but i dont wanna have carier, ı dont wanna make Money without aim in Turkey. Just ı want to live korea with peace in a small and cute home^^ HUMANS LİVE WİTH DREAM~~

Seoul, Suwon, Pohang, Busan, Gyeongju are parts of korea that ı saw. But only ı stayed in Seoul and Gyeongju. So ı am missing there too much… perfect Seoul and green Gyeongju… When ı was in korea, I thought ı will miss Seoul more than Gyeongju coz of ı fall in love with Seoul. But now… I guess ı am missing Gyeongju more than Seoul. I know why! I had a family in Gyeongju… I was not alone.
During my travel in Korea, I met many people who ı dont know before… or ı know from internet as a penpal… All of them are so nice people! They gave me many good memories and help. Chan young, Joon ho, Sun ji, Hye jun, Youn joung unni, Oppa, Soo jin, Hyung kyoo oppa, Si hwan, So hyoung unni,Chinese unni, Joo yeon unni, Robin, Ji hye etc… Now all of them became my family in korea!

Chan younga!!! My best friend in Korea^.^ You gave me first perfect memories in seoul with chimtag and chonghaechon stream and in suwon!!!My perfect photographer^^ you always worried about me and took care of me during my travel~such a sensetive friend… missing u ^^ my prayers always with u ^.^ and keep ur promise , next year u will be my guide in gyeongju^^
Joon ho ya^^ kkkk my turkish lover friend.You helped me about my bag too much^^ ıf you didnt came that day , ohh ı cannot thınk^^ study turkısh too much^^ and wait me until next summer^^
Youn young unni!!!! You opened your room your house to me!!! KOMAWOYO UNNİ^^ıt was so comfortable night. I never felt bad during stay at you room^^ and you showed me ur university^^ ı am really thanks for everythıng ^^ ıf u visit turkey, ı will be waiting for u ^^

Sun ji and Hye jon!!!! Oh my god, my cute two new friends in seoul^^ such a cute girls you are ! always keeping smile^.^ ı loved u too much ! you showed me many beautiful place^.^ next year when ı arrive there we will never speak english ^^ study hard turkısh^^
Soo jinaa~~ My best sister in Korea!!! You are first korean who hug me at the first sight !!! ^^ such a warmheart !!!! I never forget that time^^ It was first seeing each other but u hugged me. I can fell ur angel heart ^^ My little angel^^ my cute penpal^^ ı love u and your mom even ı never met ur mom^^ She was worried about me such as real mom^^ komawoyo omoni^^ komawo nae dongsaeng ^^ keep ur promise, we will g oto busan next summer^^
 And my gyeongju family!!! Hyung kyoo oppa , sihwan, chineese unni, sohyoung unni , unni!!!! What can say about you guys???? I cannot find any words to explain you! Good nice warmheart hospitable… that words not enough!!! No describe!!! When ı was with u, ı fely kind of princess…
Hyun kyoo oppa… missing u TT_TT a night when ı was cold, he gave me his t-shirt and tomorrow day he bring up a small blanket to car beause of ı may be cold^^ such a wonderful brother you are ! ı never felt uncomfortable with him. He made me fell like he is my real brother^^ You showed me first ocean !!!! you gave me many perfect memories. You never tired coz of me or didnt show me ^^ is there and brother like u???? Dont forget me TT_TT

Jo yeon unni~My clever Unni ^.^ We didnt spend to much times together but ı know u loved me too much^^ as u told, lets make many memories in seoul or gyeongju next year ^^ı wanna make many new memories with u, wait form me okey ~ ~ I will buy ice-cream again for you^^ you know i love ice-cream too much kkkk^^ and wanna say last thing, you have the cutest pronunciation of my name “Tuba” ^.^

Sihwan !!!!!! my expensive guide^.^my wanjeon friend ^^ crazy Nurcan lover^^ thanks for every moment we spent together^^ thanks for flying performance and hwang nam breads^^ thanks for everythıng ^^ ı am happy to know u. I wish a perfect life to u with nurcan~~ AND when we meet again you have to translate what u wrote on my memory book in korean:D aiisssh :D ı told u must write english:D kkk
Özge abla~(So hyoung unni) My cute and beautiful sister^^ my shopping friend^^ when ı cried to much you made me cheer up all the time with ur hug^^ ı could fell ur warm heart. Now ı have a real older sister there. wait for me there with Veli abi^^ ı will come back soon~ and lets go to shopping again together. Take care of urself and veli abi^^
Chinese unni! One of my other sister there in gyeongju^^ one turkısh and one chineese tried to keep in touch in korean^^ funny^^ everyday you came to me , you hugged to me with ur all heart. ı love u soo much^^ you are the first person that ı wrote letter in korean^^ Seni seviyorum^^

ROBİN!!! ROBİN !! ROBİN!!!! My stalker:D kkkkk kidding ^^ yes first time ı thought u are a stalker so ı told you ı have a boy friend in seoul:D Last day when ı told u aboutı have not boy friend you was shocked, right^^ were u sad really^^ komawo dongsaeng^^ ı am keeping necklace that u gave me^^ be safe in military^^ ı will visit u my cute donsgaeng.
Jihye^^ my dongsaeng^^ no slient to much^^ best messager without looking to phone^^ still u are writing to me many time in a day^^ You are the fist person that ı keep in touch with. Next year lets eat cake in our same birthday^^ never give up , keep your dream^^
God bless and save all of you guys… Love u so much my family!
너무 그리워 !!!!!!!!!!

마지막 니 기억도 눈물에 터널 속으로 잠겨져가는 것만 같아…
The last memories of you are locked in the rims of my tears
마지막 그 모습도 서서히 기억 속에만 잠겨져 가는 것만 같아.
The last image of you seems to be locked only in my memories

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wasabi dedi ki...

her ne kadar ingilizce yazsanda az çok anladım sayılır çok güzel fotolar eklemissin özellikle başında havlu olan arkadaşla(arkadaş diyorum çünkü yaşını bilmiyorum eyer bilseydim ya oppa yaa ajusshi derdim ) olan foton çok şirin .senin adına gerçekten çok sevindim koreye gitme hayalini inancın ve duaların sayesinde gerçekleştirdin umarım bende geçekleştirebilirim ilerde :)

TUĞBA dedi ki...

Umarım tüm isteyenlere nasip olur^^ biraz gec kaldım yazmaya baslamaya ama yavas yavas yazacagım ınsallah^^ daha yenı resımlerle gelecegım ^^
Başında havlu olan abimiz kendisi 29yaşındadır^^

Mery dedi ki...

Yağğğ; trabzon forması giymiş bir çekik gördüm; Allahımm bu bir rüya mı ?

TUĞBA dedi ki...

gercek vala:D türk sever kendileri:D adını Çınar koydum:D

Ceylin'in Annesi dedi ki...

Aferin sana, ne güzel hayal etmişsin ev gerçekleştirmişsin.
Yaşamaya merakım yok ama bir gün ben de gidip Kor'yi görmek isterim.

HwangBeyza dedi ki...

Unniiiii! Harika!!!! Ciddiyim senin sayende umudumu kaybetmek üzereyken geri döndüm kore aşkımaa !!! :3

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