25 Mayıs 2011 Çarşamba


Believe in your faith
be true to your heart.
Despite what people say,
it´s life and you play your part.

Even if it seems impossible
hold on to that special dream.
When you believe with all your heart
it´s not as far as it may seem.

Keep your feet on the ground
when it comes to love, life and destiny.
There is only one chance and one heart
to waste time living in a fantasy.

Life can be hard to understand
when you get lied to and mistreated.
It´s all about picking up the pieces
getting stronger and feeling needed.

Because there is a soul out there
who needs what you can give.
So make the best of every moment
be happy with a single day you live.

Something good is out there
for you, for me, and for all.
So don´t give up for any reason
and get up after every fall.

Don´t waste your time
don´t keep living in a fantasy.
Trust God with closed eyes
and get ready for your true destiny.

But while you wait for his plan
you must always put up a fight.
To stand up for what you believe in
to battle for what´s right.

Copyright © 2010 Mariela Miranda Jenkins

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