1 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Korea make me crazy !!!!

Finally ,I will be crazy !!! really!!! How can ıt be? This love is getting bigger and bigger in my heart dy by day… Every night I sleep with korea dreams. Every day I open my eyes to korea. Every second I am praying to Allah(God). Because I couldnt  come over of my korea love. I really don’t know why it is getting bigger and bigger in myheart . I am not sure why I love so much like this. But I really love korea  and I really want to live there for some time:( If I have enough money to go korea, I never stay  for a second in here…  My Allah , please make my heart  STOPPPP~
And I know Anything isn’t  as in my dreams ~
 ~ But I want to learn by myself in this life.....